Keith Ferrell's Landlessons

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Some Snow Don't Want To Go

Even 68 degrees today hadn't managed to persuade these stragglers to complete their melt:

By tomorrow, this last bit should be just a memory.

But a pleasant one -- I enjoyed this snow.

A lot.

Where the Snow Goes When It Melts

The big snow lasted on the ground well over a week here at the farm, and when it began in earnest to depart, a fair amount of it exited by way of our creek. Just a day after I visited its snow-covered banksthe creek had taken on a wholly different character:

The Snows of Yesterweek

Hard to believe, walking and working in close to 70 degree weather today, that just a few days I was walking and working in very different conditions.

Here's a photo taken during my return to the house on Tuesday, almost a week to the hour after the first flakes began to fall.

The snow was starting to go then, but it had a ways to go before it would be gone.

I was returning from a snowy stroll to the creek, its banks still heavy with snow, though not so heavy as they had been just a day or two before:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014